• Fast Turnaround

    Use 3D models based on aerial and satellite imagery to quickly create preliminary designs and layouts for bids. With a 3D model you can create a complete design and layout in just a few minutes.
  • SolarCAD

    If we cannot provide a 3D model for you (due to lack of quality aerial and satellite imagery), you can easily define the installation areas and obstructions yourself in a few minutes using our embedded roof drawing tool, SolarCAD.
  • Optimal Panel Layouts

    Our array layout engine quickly determines the most optimal panel layout for your installation area to maximize its solar potential. You can experiment with different layout options in real time.
  • Powerful Design Engine

    Our online solar design software replaces countless hours of back-and-forth work between Google Earth, multiple excel sheets, and CAD. With our streamlined user interface, you can generate multiple design options for a particular site with just a few clicks.

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