• Permit-Ready Designs

    After you have sold a job, you can easily upgrade the preliminary sales design you used in your quote to a permit-ready design by updating your roof faces with a roof report and adding the BOS components.
  • Quick Prelim. Designs


    SolarDesignTool allows you to quickly create quality preliminary designs that perform all necessary electrical calculations to ensure long-term compatibility between the PV modules and inverter(s) for a given locale.

  • Layouts

    Our array layout engine quickly determines the most optimal panel layout for your installation area to maximize its solar potential. You can experiment with different layout options in real time and specify row spacing, column spacing, and setbacks.
  • Site Definition

    We offer multiple ways to define a project’s installation area. You can trace over aerial images, import a 3D roof model (provided by RoofOrders.com or EagleView), or draw individual roof faces or ground areas using our sketch tool.
  • Reports


    SolarDesignTool can generate a number of different documents for you, including a system data sheet, bill of materials, wire/conduit/OCPD schedule (with and without NEC calcs), DC min/max voltage calcs, and a NEC compliance document for wire/conduit/OCPD sizing.

  • Single Line Diagrams


    New! Generate Single Line Diagrams for Residential Systems in seconds in PDF, DWG, and DXF formats

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