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Preliminary Sales Design

Site Definition

System Design Suite

Utilize our extensive suite of tools to efficiently design your system

Documents and Reporting

Design a system and create a permit package in as little as 15 minutes

Site Definition

  • Roof Trace

    Trace roofs, ground areas, and obstructions using aerial imagery. Fine tune dimensions, angles and obstruction placement using our site sketch tool.

  • Site Sketch Tool

    Quickly sketch and dimension roof faces and ground areas.

  • Import Roof Reports

    Import EagleView™ and roof Reports

  • Common Roof Face Shapes

    Select a basic roof shape and provide minimally required dimensions

  • Siteless Design

    Just need to generate an array that’s site agnostic? No problem!

Design Suite

  • Optimized Layouts

    Select a layout strategy and racking product, our layout engine will generate an optimal layout.

  • Multiple Design Approaches

    The System Builder provides fine-grain control over system design, while the System Generator generates multiple design options to choose from.

  • Rapid ``Sales Design``

    Create quick system designs using the Builder or Generator complete with a detailed PV System Datasheet

  • Quickly upgrade to ``Permit-Ready`` Design

    Upgrading a “Sales Design” is a simple 2-step process that adds BOS components to the design. Traced Roofs can be updated with field-measurements or a roof report. No need to start from scratch.

Documents & Reporting

  • System Datasheets

    8.5 X 11 system datasheet. Includes the system’s technical details. Custom content can be added and the color theme can be customized.

  • Concept Design Plans

    Professional looking plan set style, custom logo, site plan, component list, electrical and mechanical properties, and an image of the attachment plan.

  • Complete Permit Packages (beta)

    SolarDesignTool can now generate complete PV permit packages for most residential-sized rooftop systems.

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