The one-line diagram creation feature and NEC technical report leaves the competition behind in the dust. The level of professionalism delivered will please any electrical inspector or permit review board. SolarDesignTool is perfect for installers looking to better organize their design, permitting, and procurement.

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  • Residential-sized systems

  • NEC Compliance

    2014 NEC (2017 NEC Coming Soon)

  • Roof Racking Systems

    Full support for IronRidge, SnapNRack, and Unirac pitched roof racking systems.

  • Roof Types

    Support for composite, tile, standing seam, and corrugated roofs.

  • PV Attachment Hardware

    Support for  IronRidge, SnapNRack, and Unirac, and QuickMount PV attachment hardware.

  • Output Formats

    17” x 11″ PDF (One-line diagram is available as a DWG also)

After completing a design, generating a permit package is as simple as clicking a single button. A permit package for a typical residential sloped rooftop using a popular racking system will include all of the pages listed above. Some types of configurations are only partially supported, and in those cases, some pages will be missing, and the designer will need to create the missing pages and add them to the permit package. Click here to view a table that lists supported and unsupported configurations.

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