Roadmap Updates + New Features

Nate Phillips on November 8th 2022

We've recently added support for the following:

  • Three-line diagrams for load-side SolarEdge and Enphase systems (more systems coming soon)
  • Array layout design & enhancements
  • Bill of materialsundefined
  • Bifacial modules are now included in search result
  • Ability to create parallel strings for string inverters that allow for multiple strings per MPPT
  • Bug fixes and under-the-hood performance improvements for a faster and more stable app
  • Support for brand-name junction boxes from IronRidge, Unirac, SnapNRack, and EcoFasten
  • And much more...

Watch this short video showcasing the layout design enhancements...

Three-line Diagrams

Three-line diagrams depict the positive, negative, and neutral circuits of a DC system - and L1, L2, (L3 on three phase) Neutral and Ground cables on an AC system. A single-line diagram shows a more basic representation of the PV system with the connections between equipment shown with just a single line. Some AHJs and utilities require a three-line diagram.

This new option in Lyra allows you to include a single-line, three-line, or both in the permit package. Three-line generation is currently supported for the following types of systems:

  • Load-side Enphase systems without ESS
  • Load-side SolarEdge systems

Check out a sample three-line diagram at the bottom of our One-Click Permit Packages page.

Additional enhancements

  • Ability to add a new module position to the array layout
  • Ability to select multiple modules and move them a group
  • Integration with EcoFasten ClickFit rail span API to automatically populate rail span values

Check out our recently updated Product Roadmap β†’ and see what's coming next.