Flexible Site Definition

Site Trace

Remotely design a system using aerial imagery. Traced areas can be refined using our drawing tool. If you sell the project, you can easily update the areas with field measurements or by importing a roof report (which will automatically update your site definition and system design).


Import EagleView and RoofOrder drawings for higher accuracy and less overall redundancy in your workflow. You can start your project with a roof report, or upgrade a traced site with a roof report later.

Drawing Tool

Use the drawing tool to define the boundaries of a roof face or ground area, or use it to tweak the dimensions of a traced or imported roof face. The drawing tool also allows you to create and position obstructions and other keep-out areas.

Simple & Siteless

Easily define simple gable and hipped roofs by selecting a pre-defined roof shape and providing dimensions — OR — if for whatever reason you do not need to create a layout for your design, you can define just the basic properties of the installation area (azimuth and tilt) and continue on to the electrical portion of your design to quickly produce documents for permitting.

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