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Low-Cost Monthly Subscription and Per-Project Auto-Generated Permit Packages

Standard Plans

Suitable for independent sales teams, engineers and turn-key systems installation companies. Are you a reseller?




Included with your Subscription

  • All system design features
  • NEW customizable system datasheets
  • NEW professional-looking concept design plans 
  • NEW watermarked PV permit packages*

* permit packages with watermarked removed are subject to a per-project fee (see below)

Single-Click Permit Packages (separate from subscription)

After completing a permit-ready design, you can generate a complete permit package for the design with just a single click.

For a limited-time only, during the 60-day public beta period, this feature will be available for free to all users. Be advised however that you will need to purchase a 3D model of the house prior to generating the permit package. These typically cost $25 ea from rooforders.com.

After Feb. 28, 2018, there will be a 60-day promotional period and the auto-generated permit packages will cost $60 per project, and after Apr 30, the price will be increased to $125. These prices will include the cost of the 3d model.

The $50/mo/user subscription price shall be applied as a credit toward any permit packages generated that month. That means if you generate just one permit package per month, you are basically  getting  all of the above features for free.

The permit package feature was just released, and a full description of it is not yet available on this site. This site will be completely updated in a few days to reflect the many new features that were recently added when we deployed the Jan 1 release.

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